Wednesday, April 2, 2008

autism - school - and an invitation of the law

april 2 2008

Waking up was a kind of surprise.
It has been ages ago that I slept more than 4 hours. Wow!

Ofcourse the whole family needed to shower at the same time.
Leaving me 5 minutes.
Well, I was downstairs on time, at the meeting on time... without feeling any stress.
What a bit of flu can do. LOL!

This time the schooldirector himself took the lead, which made the meeting far more quiet and to the point.
I had one item on my agenda: making clear that I want no talking behind my back, because it leads to people wanting to save their face and reputation at the cost of the children and the parents.

Right after his opening sentences and a sip of coffee I had the chance to jump in and say my bit, with the example I wanted to give. (I can't give it here for privacy reasons).
It set things straight within seconds, so we could start talking about the future of my autistic son.

Ofcourse they wanted him to come back to school.
And ofcourse they wanted to make adjustments.

But they made them a year ago already, and it didn't work.
It's not about the amount of hours spend at school, it's about the amount of requested social interaction.

Right at that moment a group of girls has a lot of fun, just in front of the window.
They giggled a lot, talked with high voices, even we had to smile.

Perfect to explain how some children with autism experience walking to the schooldoor.
So many noises, movements, lights... and they make no real sense...
It takes effort to complete an understandable picture, but there is no time, because new sensory stimuli draw the attention, kids that talk, sounds of the schoolhall...

The schooldirector gave the impression he understood a bit.

When a normal classroom wasn't an option, maybe he could study at an empty room.
He can do that at home...

So the focus of attention shifted to choosing another school.
They had no new options... the schooladvisor has given them all last month.

So we agreed that he won't finish his final exam, but will stay subscribed at school, just to do what the law wants.
The schooldirector said he couldn't unscribe my son, but he can. And I told him so. But subscribing would mean an investigation from the schoolinspection, and that's what they don't want.

Almost at the end of the meeting it turned out that it was not the initiative from school to invite us, but the council's wish.

Thought so!!

It's the law that all children have to attend school, and there are only a few exceptions.
Homeschooling isn't allowed here.
Nor is staying at home.

But there aren't enough places for children with autism.
That's why my son had to struggle so hard the past years.
He had to go to a normal school, with almost no support.

He was promised a place at an auti-class, but wasn't accepted the last minute.
Going back to the normal school isn't an option anymore.

So if they want to bring me to court.... so be it.

At home I found an envelope... with the invitation to be heard by a representative of the council.
A year ago I would have been stressed out.

Now I could only smile.

I don't care she mentioned the numbers of the passages of law.

I don't even care to be questioned.

My child is autistic and can't cope with the schoolsystem.
There are special faciolities for autistic children and he was referred to them.
But there aren't enough auti-classes available.

I haven't created the problem, nor has my son.
Society falls short.

According to the human rights I should be able to choose the education which is best for my child.
I've choosen.
They can't deliver.

I'm not the only one confronted with this problem. Not at all.
This year about 50 children with autism won't be able to find a place at an auti-class.

Which means I would be able to start an auti-school, when I had the money and the support.

I have promised myself that when I will be brought to court I will use all media, all magazines, to make people understand why children like my son can't survive at a normal school.
I will use all means to make clear in court that it's the duty of the government to create the school he and other autistic children need.

Ofcourse I'm trying to convince people now.
I'm not waiting until then.
But when there's the excitement of a mother of an autistic boy being brought to court, the media will jump on it.

So for now I'm waiting for new developments.

How does the lady of the council react to the report of the meeting of this morning?

I'll let you know.

And now I'm off to nurse those who are still ill here. (You see, moms can't be ill themselves.)
Everything else has to wait untill tomorrow.


  1. First of all, I hope you feel better soon! I can't imagine your frustration through this whole process. It's awful that it's your son they don't have a place for and that you are the parent having to suffer through this stress and struggle.

    I think if your council is ignorant enough to push it any further, then media is the answer. Maybe some little good can come from your frustration and your son's predicament.

  2. Wow,I'm so sorry you are having these difficulties but it sounds like you have the right attitude and are doing what is best for your child.

    I will definitely keep you in my prayers.



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