Saturday, April 19, 2008

autism in libraries

april 19 2008

Have you ever considered looking through the autism-books at your library?

At the beginning of spring many libraries have a spring cleaning and -filling.

That means that books that are never read and/or are considered old are sold for a low price, and new books are registered and put on the shelves.

The library where I live take suggestions from members, so each year I order a few books.
In the beginning they were hesitant to do so, because they thought it would only cost mony and the books would never been read.
So I urged friends and teachers to ask for the books.

Now I'm asked each year if I have suggestions.

Sure I have!! LOL!

This year I asked him to display a couple of books and information about autism on the special table near the entrance.

Because it's autism awareness month they did.

Maybe you want to take the same action.
It's very worthwhile.



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