Saturday, April 5, 2008

At least 70 million bottles of contaminated Italian wine

april 5 2008

We're not yet recovered from the shock that Italian Mozzarella contained dioxins from illegal waste burning near Naples.

Today Magazine L'Espresso revealed a new scandal:

Cheap wine containing acid, manure and fertiliser.
At least 70 million bottles are turned into dirt.

Agriculture Minister Paolo De Castro pleaded not to regard this as a problem of the entire wine producing industry.
According to him the evildoers were already known by the police.

An Agriculture Ministry spokeswoman tried to calm the nerves by assuring none of the bottles were sold to other countries.

It's always interesting to hear that the police already was aware of organised crime adding unwanted elements to wine.

I guess they didn't need glasses to detect the 70 million bottles.

This is another Italian scandal added to the long list.

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  1. Oh no, that is just awful! I cannot believe what we are doing to our earth and now we are paying for it :(


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