Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ASD, melatonin and sleep

april 9 2008

Many children with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD have problems sleeping.
Most of them can't find enough relaxation to fall asleep.

Traditional sleeping assistants, like hot milk, a lavender pillow and such, don't help.
Interesting is that also the firm sleeping medication a doctor can prescribe often is of no use at all.

When I first was told melatonin would do the trick, I smiled politely, started reading and then tried it.

It works!!

We give melatonin about one hour before we want the child to fall asleep.

All it does is tell the brain it's time to sleep. It gives a certain relaxation, so when a child lies down and relaxes it falls asleep.
It's not a sleepingbomb.
When a child stays behind the computer, or is bussy watching a stressfull movie it doesn't do anything.

Melatonin can be bought at the pharmacy, but the pills can also be bought on internet and many other shops.

Be careful!
You want to pay for the melatonin, not for chalk or any other carrier stuff. So get the melatonin as pure as possible.

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  1. We also use melatonin for our daughter (ADHD here) and she has managed to get by on just using this for sleep, and then no meds for day.. Amazing stuff, and amazing what a good night sleep will do!!!


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