Thursday, April 10, 2008

Arrival of the papers for funds for special support at school

april 10 2008

After months of gathering the necessary statements, signatures, and forms, after waiting for weeks, we've received the official papers that state that my autistic son isn't able to participate at normal schools without special help.

These papers are needed.
Not only for the auti-classes that have no space for him, but also when he wants to attend a normal school.
These papers are worth regular assistance and they grant me the supervision of treatment plans and also of all the agreements with people who have to support my son.

To me it's gold!

Now we have to find a school.

Interesting is that the educationadvisor now told me it would be wise to ask special support for a teacher at home.
He's forgetting that it takes another load of paperwork and almost the same procedure to get funds for a special teacher.
By the time we'll receive those papers the year is over.

Well... one of the hurdles is taken.... lots of others have to follow.


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