Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anorexia law in France

april 16 2008

France has enabled taking legal action against all who stimulate anorexia.
Motivating people to slim too far will lead to imprisonment for 2 years or a fine of
30.000 euro/47,328.24 USD.

France is the first country with a law like this.
Minister of Health Roselyne Bachelot has told the media she will fight to get this law accepted by the European Union.

The anorexia-law is a consequence of the death of a Brasilian model who died of anorexia in 2006.
It's aimed mainly against the pro-anorexia websites and sites giving advice to loose too much weight, thus endangering the health of young girls and women.

Many don't know that unhealthy eating habits not only lead to a thin body, but also harm the organs.
Reproduction, brainfunction and bonedensity for example, will be adversely influenced with consequences on the short and long run, even after someone has abandoned anorexia.

The French fashion industry is taking steps to use models that have a healthier look.



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