Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wrong advice

march 11 2008

The education adviser said there was a rebound facility in town.
He said that they wanted to make a special department with autistic children.
And he offered to get some information.

A few hours later he called back and told me that there might be a place for my son.
The schoolleader had taken a special interest in my son. He had offered to get him through the exam.

One way or another I could hardly believe the last.
And I remembered the rebound facility to be for kids with terrible behavioral problems. The same kids that caused my son to be afraid to go to school.

I looked up a lot of things about it on internet, but couldn't find anything about autists in the rebound facility.

I also found out that the kids either have to go back to school, or have to go to a kind of laissez fair facility. They say they're a school, but in fact they just offer some facilities to the kids, and they have to ask for them themselves.
Nothing for an autistic kid.

After a sleepless night I decided to call the schoolleader, have a nice talk and tell him "no".

So I did.
Turned out they didn't even have a place for an autistic kid. In fact, no place at all, and a huge waitinglist.

So that option is closed too.


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