Wednesday, March 19, 2008

works for me - filing a complaint

march 19 2008

Have you ever filed a complaint to find out you're mood was still below sealevel after all were forgotten your complaint? All, but you, I mean.

When I file a complaint I want three things:
1. a better mood, NOW!
2. my complaint read and discussed
3. proper action

I've been told that a complaint should be short and to the point!


When a complaint is short and to the point, the reader will say to himself: "That doesn't concern me", and at the best throw it in the mail for another reader.

I write my complaints like they're the biggest joke ever,
when I have to laugh when I send my complaints, I have already realised one of my goals, And that makes me feel sooooo goooodd, that I ring a week later when I haven't received an answer, and i still feel confident I'll solve the matter the way I want.

And it works.

Last week I was fed up with the noise in the neighbouring house.
I can understand noise,
I can also distinguish unnecessary throwing of doors, bumping on the stairs, driving a motor inside (yes, I saw one of the workmen do that), yelling on the street before 8 in the morning, etc etc.

But I don't understand a temporary toiletbuilding right in front of my house, smelling right in front of my house, attracting young aggressive people right in front of my house.

So I got a funny mail out.....
and today I got the person who represents the houseowners in.

It's a few hours later.

The toilet is gone...
the noise is gone...
the motor in the house is gone...

And I managed to save the trees in the garden too.
I made the guy ring the office and cancell the plans to cut everything off at eyeheight, like they did in the garden at the other side a year before.

Wow!!! That feels sooooo gooooooddd!!!!

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  1. Wow. I will have to remember your strategy.

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