Thursday, March 6, 2008

The wealthiest people

march 6 2008

Well after so much "moneytalk" yesterday, you certainly can read one more blog about the same subject.

Bill Gates is thrown from his thrown... he isn't the wealthiest man anymore.
After 13 years being number 1 he finally can blend in with the others. He's third on the list now, with a simple 58 billion dollars. Which means his capital has grown in a year with 2 billion dollars. Isn't that nice: loosing and winning at the same time.

According to Forbes Magazine the richest person now is the american invester Warren Buffett. He has to live with the burden of 62 billion dollars.
He made 10 billion dollars this last year. Me oh my... and I have to struggle for each and every dollar to be able to buy a set of smallpipes.
That guy can provide me with the training, practice and a private jet to play bagpipes at the 10 highest mountains of the world.

According to Luisa Kroll in a speciasl report at the second place is for the mexican businessman Carlos Slim HelĂș.
He's a father of 6, I hope healthy, children.
I've never heard his name before, but it's said he has spend 7 billion dollars to fund education and health projects.

Well, I hope all those wealthy people will go on spending their money to make the world a better place.

I wish peace could be bought.

I would certainly ask for the money.


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