Friday, March 14, 2008

waiting, and nearly bursting....

march 14 2008


I'm waiting for a call and I'm nearly bursting from stress.

We applied for a place at the favorite school of the girls for both of them.

One of them will be admitted, I don't expect a problem.

But my dyslectic girl didn't do one afternoon of tests very well. Apart from that, she needs the usual help for dyslectics.

I would go on my knees to have her admitted, because it would mean less bullying, a far better environment, and better chances for the future.

She can take it when she can't do it after all, but she wants to try it. She really does.

I think the school should give her the chance.

When we won't get a call it can mean they haven't digged into the extra paperwork, they have to have meeting about her, or she is admitted.

It's just killing me!!!



I'm still alive. Even though we've heard nothing....

To get rid of the stress I cooked a nice dinner.
Still I wished someone would have called.

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