Monday, March 3, 2008

waiting for the call

march 3 2008

After the huge desillusion at friday, see here, we can't do anything but wait and hope they're sane enough to change their opinion today.

My autistic son needs to go to school at the auti-class. There are no other reasonable options.

I don't want him to go to school out of town, simply because it isn't possible to keep an eye on matters.
If I learned something these last 15 years it's that there are superb teachers and very many people who just don't care, or are too tired to care.

When they won't admit him, we can only talk to the educationconsulent/advisor, but I already know there is nothing else which really fits.
So that means we have to apply for him to stay at home either with homeschooling, which isn't allowed in our country, or nothing.

This weekend his mood was rotten.
Quite understandable when you have to deal with an educational system which spits you at again and again, only because you're handicapped.
He just can't cope with the lack of routine and the bullying. That's it.

So I'm waiting for a call.
Even when I was vacuuming I had the cellphone in my hand so I wouldn't miss a call.


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