Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update schools: mom is mad!!

March 18 2008

As a psychologist I'm interested to see how people turn and wiggle to cover up their mistakes.

As a mom it makes me very mad, to see that people are going behind my back, and are dishonest at the expense of my credibility and my son's education.

Instead of asking us how things are going the schoolcounsellor went behind our back, and got misinformed.
Instead of saying that she was, she tried to talk herself out of it...putting the blame on someone else... and creating a picture of me as a liar.

We've asked the school with the auti-class if there was a possibility to admit my autistic son there for schooldays in combination with him doing his final exams at the former school.
Well, those who read my blog know they didn't want to.
Case closed.

We got some suggestions to get him into some kind of educational situation, which were all crap.
One of them was a school in another town, needing special admission papers to get it payed for, with a system that grants my son far too much freedom to do nothing and required him to ask all the questions and help himself. On top of it, it has the same final examsystem as the auticlasses, so he wouldn't be able to do his exams this year.
So enough reasons to say no.

I would have known if the woman had suggested that socalled school together with exams at the former school.
It would means stress of travelling, stress of everything, adjustment and exams within a period of 2 months... if ever we would get the paperwork done within days.
So an impossible suggestion.

Now the schoolcounsellor is telling that the other school suggested that.
Forget it!!

A meeting is planned in april with the schoolleader, and I think she very well knows that meeting will blow the roof of the school.
I don't want my son to go to school there anymore.
One of the reasons is that they told us they were dealing with him based an a kind of IEP (individualised educational program) whereas she had quite a lot of meetings about making one and she never came up with one.
She magically produced one when we needed the paperwork done for the auticlass, and everyone knows she faked it.
To be precise...she's seen my son this year only once... one of the reasons he didn't want to go to school. They just didn't care.

I hate it when people start lying and playing unfair.
All I can do is expose them.

On top of it I got an insight in the costs for the dyslexia declaration for my dyslectic daughter.
More than 760 euro.
And when I want to have the intelligence test done, the WISC, it means 1520 euro!!
That's 2,376.95 USD
Can you believe it??????

Want to know some fun? I have a dysectic son too. And he needs the same.

It makes me feel sick.
I could hardly keep my tears in when I was reading it, and I've spend the rest of the afternoon trying to hide I was crying.
What helped were your kind reactions. Thanks so much for your support!!!

I'm so tired of all these rules and regulations.
They're not helping the children..at all!

Well, tomorrow morning I'm going with my son to his psychiatrist.
See what happens there.

My life feels like a soap opera.

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  1. It really does not seem fair. The education system, and the government in general should be helping your family-rather than burden you with the costs of taking care of special needs children.

    Every single child deserves the right to a GOOD and PROPER education based on his or her needs-not what some stranger deems necessary.

    I work with special needs kids-I don't really deal with the educational side of things, but things here in the US seems much more willing to help out families like yours.

    It's a crime that you will end up being so burdened with these costs in the fight to get your children what rightfully should be their's.


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