Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the truth came out

march 26 2008

The truth always comes to the surface, one way or another.

The "present school" of my autistic son reported him and us to the council because he wasn't attending the school he was supposed to go to.

(I'm writing "present school", because here a child needs to be subscribed to a school. He is, but he couldn't cope there anymore. So he's not attending any school.)

Well, we didn't have a school for him, as the school with the auti-classes didn't admit him after all. (After a wait of three months).

So we contacted the "present school" and found out they expected my son to go to another school in another town. They were told he would go there.


Again I was told I understood things wrong.
(Yea...I'm a fully trained psychologist, I've been lecturing observational and other techniques, was known for my memory of written and spoken material.)

I thought there must be something in the reporting of the school with the auti-classes, so I gracefully tried to solve the matter by asking a written report about the procedure.

We got it in the mail this morning.
Turned out the person has been in contact with the out of town school, without our permission, but also without telling us as much.
When she mentioned that school before, we immediately told her that that school wasn't an option at all.

Instead of telling that to the "present school", she only told what she wanted us to do, not our reaction.

I wish people kept matters straight and clear.
Now we've been reported to the council on the grounds of not sending our kid to a school where he should be subscribed, whereas he isn't subscribed there.

I'm getting sick of this all.

Well, talking about it reached the ear of my autistic son...
School is a problem-item at the moment so we've had again a melt-down.

I'm not sure how long anymore I can handle all these people who only play fair for themselves.

Wish I had enough money to start a school for autistic children here in town.
So many parents go through the same and it really eats energy.
And for what?

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  1. Oh holy smokes. I would be frustrated beyond belief.


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