Sunday, March 9, 2008

Top Ten List

march 9 2008

Things to do next week
  1. write a letter to the new school of one of the girls making clear she's very committed to going there.
  2. have a talk with the education advisor
  3. write a letter of complaint to the school of my autistic boy. He's punished enough by not going on the school trip. No need to have him make a huge paper.
  4. go with him to the doc for a check up
  5. order meds for son 2's asthma
  6. make an appointment for me with the dentist
  7. plant the violets in the garden
  8. repair some trousers of the boys
  9. send a letter to school to let them know the times of son 3's therapy
  10. take time to bagpipe

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  1. Followed you from the "That's My Answer" blog and wanted to wish you luck in getting everything done this week!


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