Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's my answer: mealtime

march 12 2008


Who does the cooking in your house?
If you could have anyone cook for you, would it be?

We used to share cooking time, but now I do the cooking at least 6 days a week.
I don't like cooking very much, especially not for a group of children with different tastes.

If I wanted anyone cooking for us all, it would be:
Jamie Oliver!

He'll teach the children to make the right choices, and it would be great to have his dynamic behaviour brighten our kitchen.

If I had to choose a cook only for me, I'm not sure.
It might depend on what food I want at the moment.
A little bit on a plate, haute quisine, or fun in the kichen and someone eating with me with appreciating the food he made.

In the last case I would want Ainsly to enjoy himself in the kitchen.
Or maybe he could make yummy BBQ.

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