Monday, March 31, 2008

that's my answer - either/or

march 31 2008


Coke or Pepsi?

Well, none of them. I hardly ever drink cola.
Only when I'm ill... it gets the rust of screws and it gets the illness out of me. LOL!

Late Nighter or Early Riser?


I'm a real late nighter. I have to be very tired to be able to sleep.
Problem is that our family starts the day at 6 in the morning. Ugh!!

Cell Phone or Ipod?

Give me an Ipod and I'll give you Ipod as an answer.
I have a cellphone and I use it, but certainly not in public places.

College or High School?

I went to university. Social sciences.

Blurking or Reality TV?

What's blurking?
I like reality TV when it's a medical program.
I don't care to see families fighting about their problems on TV.



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