Monday, March 10, 2008

swimming and the girls

march 10 2008

The girls are eager to go to their next swimminglesson.

A few years ago they had swimminglessons too. It took them so long to learn things...
None of them managed to learn it well enough for a certificate.

The school was allowed to send more children to swimming lessons as they had in the lower groups, so they asked the girls if they wanted to go again.

Sure they did.

Next month one of them will swim for her certificate, and I won't be amazed when the other one tells me the same next week.

I was taught swimming when I was 5.
That was quite an unusual young age then.

My teacher told my father that most older children learned a lot faster than the younger ones.

She was so right.

I feel pity for my friends who spend hours a week, months and months on end, most of the time over a year, at the swimmingpool.
And still the children are not able to swim well enough.

I'm proud of my girls.


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