Monday, March 10, 2008

Storm approaching UK, France, and The Netherlands. Flood warnings UK.

march 10 2008

Stormwarnings are issued for the UK, France and The Netherlands.
Severe flood warnings have been issued for the Devon and Cornwall coast and 44 other warnings in locations including southern England, and the Severn and Mersey estuaries.

This might be the worst storm of this winter.
England and Wales should reckon with winds of up to 80mph (130km/h).

Blizzards and heavy snow are expected for Scotland.

Ferries have been delayed or cancelled, including those between Dover and Callais.

Steve Winston, Cornwall's emergency planning officer, said a combination of factors, including high spring tides and a very low pressure system, could lead to a "severe" event.

For those who want to see the storm "curling", click here and scroll down a but to see the satelite movie.