Thursday, March 13, 2008

the storm and the lake

march 13 2008

The storm from yesterday was stronger than that of the day before.

It has changed the outline of the lake nearby.

I don't think the designer has intended that.

We imagine him to be a person without phantasy.
Or maybe it's a team.
Some guys who want to transform the world into their image of how the world should be.
Clean, unprotected, cheap, noiseless... sterile!

They pulled out trees and left only three of them.
They didn't bother to get one of the chopped ones away.
Like a grafestone it stands in the wind, telling everybody that some stupid designer in a far away town just doesn't care.

There's no place for birds to nest,
for beetles to hide,
or for the wind to find resistance.

All the shrubs are gone.

And there's not one spring flower looking for the sun.

Yesterday the sand was blown around, scratching my face, like I was in a sandstorm in the dessert.

No roots to keep it all together.

It's how I feel there when I walk beside the lake.. without roots.

All the little late evening noises are gone,
the shadows,
and the protecting branches that stretched out over the almost secret path.

Now the wind and the waves have eaten away part of the trembles in the lining.
It's smooth now, like the outside of the desk it was designed on.

One can say nature has designed the smoothness yesterday.
But i't feels like grasping a daydream to overcome the troubles of the day.

So I took some fallen willow branches
and I can only hope they'll root,
here, in the warmth of my house.