Friday, March 7, 2008

a stone and glass

march 7 2008

One of the boys had to babysit this evening.
When he was talking with the oldest boy he heard a loud noise against the kitchenwindow.

They both went to look and it turned out there was a large hole in the outer layer of the double glaze.

One of the boys here immediately started to look around in the neighbourhood, eager to catch the stone thrower, but he saw no one.
He found the stone though, under the window, between the glass.

We told him that the stone might have been caught under the wheels of a car and shot under pressure against the window.

He just didn't believe us.

I remember the large windows at the university.
We always knew when a certain driver had been near the building.
He didn't know why, but everyone else did.

He manouevred so close over the pavement that he often caught the little gardenstones under his tyre and those which got trapped at the site and escaped were shot with high speed against the windows, creating the same holes as our friend now has in the window.

I hope they won't react bad, because our son and their babystitter couldn't prevent this.


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