Sunday, March 9, 2008

stealing a geese?

march 9 2008

Yesterday evening the geese at the children's farm started to make such a terrible noise!
One of them seemed to be fetched by the throat and be nearly killed.
He sounded that way.

So we ran to the animal farm to have a look.

We had our lamps with us, so we used them from far to see anything suspicious.

Suddenly a strange figure with a dog came out of the dark.
He acted like he was walking his dog, but when we walked past him I could hear his breathing was way too fast.

When we had almost past he looked with a scary look at my son.
He was wearing a dark jacket and a cap, and in the dark he looked like a policeman.

The guy was gone so fast, that we're rather sure he won't come back the next days.

It took us 5 minutes to calm the geese.
Normally they don't utter a sound when we walk there. Just because they're used to us.
Today they had a lot to tell.


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