Wednesday, March 5, 2008

stay at home mom

march 4 2008

Someone asked me what I do all day.
I'm just a stay at home mom.

Well, my last day was, without details, filled with this:

  • 6.30 waking some of the children and their dad. The shower runs, the pile of wet towels grows.
    Also the pile of sandwiches, and row of other breakfast food and drinks.
  • 7.00 the first one leaves
  • 7.45 the second boy leaves... late.
  • 8.00 the girls leave. After I've given one of them a letter for the teacher.
  • 8.05 boy 3 passes me upstairs and jumps under the shower.
  • 8.15 after asking and begging I can finally shower too.
  • 8.30 I'm leaving home with wet hair.
  • 9.25 after bycicling and 2 busses I arrive for the first meeting
  • 9.30 meeting with son 3 and his psychiatrist. The diagnosis PDD-NOS is nearly ready.
  • 11.00 after a coffee I'm at another building and meet with son 2 (ADHD and dyslexia) and his therapist.
  • 12.05 short talk with the secretary to ask her to present my son's psychiatrist a form that needs to be signed.
  • 12.15 Running helped to catch the buss.
  • 13.00 I'm too late to have lunch with the girls, so I eat something with my autistic son.
  • 13.15 Mail, laundry, vacuuming.
  • 14.15 call from an educationadvisor for an intake. We want advice or help to get my autistic son at a good school, if there is any......
  • 15.00 try to work a bit.
  • 15.15 girls arrive home with a letter from the teacher. She tells me she wants me to come to school at dinnertime, because she has a babysitter at that time. I explain to the children that she invited me for a meeting. Considering the normal rules of etiquette she has to be as polite to make me choose the time. (I have 6 kids and no sitter).
  • 15.30 motivating kids to clean their room or 15 minutes. In the meantime I try to work.
  • 16.00 mail from school about a problem with one of the boys. Ugh! Writing a reply while there is loud noise from drilling and hitting bricks. I'm happy I can still hear my thoughts.
  • 16.10 starting preparations for dinner while trying to help one of the girls with her bagpipepractice.
  • 16.20 son arrives home. He needs things for school. Mailing his dad to buy it and bring it with him on his way home.
  • 16.25 while the boiling water is playing around the potatoes, one of the girls is practicing on her chanter and the drilling and hitting goes on, I work a bit.
  • 16.45 mail from a friend who is journalist. He sends me an article and he wants my opinion... NOW.
  • 17.00 soup is ready.
  • 18.00 dinner is gone, the dishes are ready. The drilling stops and the world feels empty.
  • 18.05 helping with homework.
  • 18.20 one of the boys comes home and tells us it snows outside!!!
  • 19.00 homework is ready, I try to work a bit with a cup of coffee.
  • 19.20 talking with the girls. Then they're off to bed, I do the dishes and answer the phone to advice a collegue about a client.
  • 20.00 I want to watch the news on TV, but I fall asleep.
  • 20.15 fresh and wide awake again. Having a look at the girls, clean the bathroom.
  • 20.30 the father of the kids arrives home from work. Update about the day. Discussion about the attitude of the teacher. Split up tasks that needs to be done tomorrow.
  • 21.00 Holby City on TV...for me!
  • 21.50 dealing with a hungry autistic boy, check laundry and fold the dry items, try to work a bit online, try to find out which articles of the law are dealing with the renovation noise in the neighbouring home. Talk with son 3 and a bit later a long talk with son 2. Help a friend with website.
  • 23.30 try to get two boys take their meds and wave them to bed.
  • 24.00 walking with son 2 near the lake. Enjoying the stars and trying to get used to the cold. Walking neighbourhood surveillance. It's quiet.
  • Visiting some online friends, keeping an eye on the elections, start the laundrymachine again, clean the kitchen....
  • 3 in the night..... to bed.



  1. GREAT post!!!
    Sometimes, I feel like going to work, to have a day off! ;-)

  2. Sometime I feel like mom like u don't have any life at all but sometime I feel totally opposite. This is the real joy of living for others.

  3. yikes what a day! I want to go back to bed just reading about it! lol


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