Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow at easter

march 27 2008

This easter has been amazing.
We've had snow and snow and snow, and even yesterday we were surprised by a white world.

It has't been as cold at this time of the year for 40 years and maybe more.
Never before we were surprised by so much snow.

At some parts of the country even 10 cm fell, which is a lot here.

It's freezing now.

I'm afraid a lot of fruitbuts won't survive, which will drive up the prices of fruit this summer and fall.

Maybe I have to try to take a branch from the apple tree of the neighbouring garden and ent it on a stem here in the garden.
Has anyone experience with this?

Well, for next year we'd better sing:
we're dreaming of a white easter! LOL!



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  2. Oh no! easter is the unofficial beginning of spring. This is so ruining that. I hope it gets warmer for you soon!


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