Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scrumptious Sunday

march 30 2008

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Oh yes, I ate cookies well before I was able to create memories.
I guess I ate a lot of them, because people didn't know yet that fatcells are created long before they are able to fill themselves and the body of the owner.

I was a very slim girl, with a pale complexion. Eh...fair, they say nowadays.

Well, whatever.
I was thin.. like a match.

My first memory of cookies is when I was about 3 or 4, at my grandmothers home.
She always made them herself.
And they were delicious.

I know her secret.
She told me over and over again when we were in her kitchen, mixing the ingredients with care.
A little bit of vanilla, a little bit of rum, good eggs and above all: good butter.

And a real oven.

The wait was always a pleasure for the nose and a preparation of the tastebuts.
We made tea, cleaned the mess away, opened the doors to the garden in spring and summer, or poked up the coals during the winter, so the warmts spread and took the smells everywhere in the house.

And then we got them out of the oven, put them one by one on the rack to cool and dry, but never ever without taking one, throwing it from one hand into the other, blowing, untill it was just colled down enough to have a bit and feel the taste spreading in our mouth...

Cookies are best when they're made with love.

Now you know the secret too.

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  1. My grandma said the same thing. Enjoy!

  2. You are right, it is the love and sharing that make cookies special!

  3. "Cookies are best when they're made with love."...Well said!

  4. Beautiful story with great memories and love! I am cookie monster when it comes to cookies-lol! Thanks so much for playing! have a great day!


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