Friday, March 28, 2008

schoolmusical (s)

march 28 2008

The girls had to audition today for the schoolmusical.
They were quite nervous, because they didn't know what to expect.

They're both singing in a choir, have 6 years of experience on stage with ballet,
so they knew they wanted to go for the main parts.

Ofcourse they had a peek at the first auditions, to get an idea what to expect.
Then they quickly practiced a song and created a dance with pillows, large flowers and veils.

Already it buzzed through the groups that only the names of the best would be written down.

They both felt they did well, and saw their names written down during singing.

The names of those who will get the main parts will be announced next week, but they already know that they're in for a least the songs.

The schoolmusical is always a bussy time here.
The oldest played the main male part in his year. He did marvellous!
He had some great coaches to mold his stage presentation and he showed talent to remember all those suggestions and use them.
I completely forgot it was my son on stage.

We tried to motivate him to become a member of a theatregroup, but he never wanted that. What a loss of talent!

In the year my second son left school there wasn't a proper musical.
Instead we saw him take part in a professional dance performance, which was wonderful!

My third son got one of the 4 main parts in the musical.
He too showed he'd inherited the familytalents.
The doll he made and had to carry with him only disappeared from the table to the attick last month.

When my autistic son was in his final year, we all thought it wise he would hand out the leaflets at the door or stand behind the cookies and fill the plate whenever necessary.
They completely forgot him!!
He still feels hurt, because no one bothered to say sorry.

And it still gets to me whenever I think about it.

And now it's time for my girls.

One of them has the same teacher as my autistic son had.

I hope I can keep my mouth shut.
I'm sure it's better not to ask her not to forget my girl. LOL!

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