Saturday, March 15, 2008

saturday special

march 15 2008

In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day

1. While walking in a countryside in Ireland, I see a strange green glow coming from behind a large tree. Walking up to it I find
a green glowing lake, with the white clouds reflected in the deep water.
It's almost like someone has taken the wrong colour the match the deep darg green of the woods around it.
2. Being the curious kind I decide to
dive into it and take a swim, to see what's behind the stretch of lands that seems to divide the lake almost into two.
It's a wonderful time between the sounds of the woods, in the light of the moon.
When I arrive to the land, I walk a bit in true amazement.
It's so wonderful.

Then suddenly it starts to rain and in the light of the full moon a rainbow appears which seems to come out of the stretch of land.
3. Much to my surprise I bend to
see the spot where the rainbow touched the land, and I see a little clover.
4. Deciding this must truly be a Irish fairytale, I laughing think to myself:
ofcourse they have forgotten the pot of gold.
And I sit down to see if there are more little lovers between the grass.

While I'm moving my hand over the grass, two feet appear........

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  1. I didn't know much about Irish folklore but seems that everyone is talking about leprechauns and pot of gold. :D

    This is my post: Creative Adventure


  2. LOL! No fair laane, whose feet are they???

    Great take on the SS adventure. Thanks for playing.

  3. Thanks for visiting! You have a very imaginative and creative mind. I feel really silly right now! LOL! Great Post!


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