Saturday, March 1, 2008

saturday special

march 1 2008

~I Sometimes Wish If Only I ~

1. If only I could leave right now, I would travel to the coast and enjoy the storm? I have been at sea when it was storming once and I really loved it.
2. If only I saved a little bit more money, I would be able to order my smallpipes now, as the representative of my country is at the factory now and he would be able to take my smallpipes to my country when he returns.
3. If only I said I'm bored with the complaining of one of the kids here, I would have a big row the rest of the day.
4. If only I had the chance, I would sing in a band again. I've done so in the past and I enjoyed it tremendously.

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  1. What type of band did you sing with?

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