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march 1 2008

Mommy's Alma Mater & More

1. Did your mother go to college, if so where?

No, she didn't.
And she was so jealous I did, that she didn't come to my graduation.

2. Do you have a relative that is a lawyer?

Well, I don't know all my nephews and nieces... so maybe...

3. Do you have a relative that is a doctor?

Yes, I do.

4. Did you take music lessons as a child? If yes, do you still play?

Yes, I had piano and organ lessons, oh and some recorder lessons too.
We don't have a piano here, so I almost never play anymore.
But I whistle a lot, and I play bagpipes and some other instruments.

5. Did you go to summer camp? If so would you send your child?

Yes, but I think pur summer camps are different from the american ones.
It's just 10 days.

When one of the children wants to go, that's OK.
One of them went to one, a few years ago.

6. Do you believe that alcohol relieves stress?

Well it raises stress too, so...

7. Have you ever performed on stage? If so tell us about it.

Yes, often.
I've been a ballet dancer and I've performed on stage very often.
Also played in some theatre plays, played music and I've been a singer in a choir and later in a band.

Give me something to do on stage and I feel fine. It's my second nature.

8. What things do you find easy to remember ?

I have a good memory.
Best to remember for me are medical and psychological subjects, and things about nature.
As a trained psychologist I'm used to remembering a great lot.

9. What things do you find easy to forget ?

I feel ashamed to acknowledge I often forget birthdays.
I forget to check the date consciously and often time has passed far too quick.
Timetravel would help me a lot to make up for missed birthdays.

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