Thursday, March 6, 2008

results of the national tests

march 6 2008

The girls got the results from the national exams.

One of them scored right the amount needed for the school she wants to attend.
The advice from school and her score point exactly in the same direction.

It feels so great to have a child without problems.
Imagine that all 6 would be as easy.

Her twinsister is dyslectic.
She's a very wise and understanding young woman, and she's far more intelligent than the tests showed.
In fact, they had her made some tests that shouldn't be done in paper by dyslectic kids.
The advice on the test was for the same kind of school my autistic boy and his ADHD brother attend(ed).
No way I want her to go there. It's a place full of bullies and kids that seem to have no manners. I don't weant her to go there.

She wants to go to the same school as her sister, and I have the same feeling.

So we went against the advice of her present school.

The national test showed she scored a little bit under what is needed to be admitted to that school.

So we have to go to talk and make them understand that she is the right person for that school.
She shows character, responsibility, persistence. She wants to go there and succeed.

And I feel they have to give her the chance, no matter the testscores.


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