Monday, March 31, 2008

recycling plastics

march 31 2008

A few months ago our neighbourhood became one of the very few test areas of recycling plastics.

We were very enthousiastic, because we want to do all we can to prevent pollution and useless waste.

That the container was too far away was a bit of a trouble, because it turned out that plastic tends to need quite some volume.
We found some ways to prevent shops to put more plastic on our groceries than absolutely needed and we created some ways to deal with the volume.

Now we're saving quite some money, because we're not needing to dispose of so much household waste anymore.

Two weeks ago the children went with school to the waste incineration facility to see what happens with our waste.

No word was spent on how plastics are recycled.
Luckily one of the boys wrote a paper about the subject a while ago, so they could present the subject at school.

We have strict rules for what needs to be in the plastic container and what not.
That's because the High Density Polyethylene is the plastic they want. That means: bags, bottles, films around food and some other products, and plastics like we know as Tupperware.

The first step in plastic recycling is sorting the usable and unusable plastics, followed by cleaning, drying, and a thorough control to remove the contaminations that are left.
Then the plastic is cut into small stripes and flakes.
These are shipped to places where they either used them to directly manifacture items, or they are made into a sort of pellets/lumps which are shipped to factories.

Recycling plastic is contaminating the environment too, so be aware why you use plastic.


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