Saturday, March 8, 2008

question to go!

march 8 2008


Tell us, can you dance?

Haha...I've been a balletdancer almost all my life.

So, yes, I can dance.

And even better: I enjoy it!

Dancing is one of the only ways that makes me feel my real "me".
No matter what kind of dance it is.
Well, there are a few restrictions.
I'm not a house freak. It feels like morning gymnastics and the gymlessons from school, so I leave that out.

But I have done the twist, and did it well,
I've rock and rolled and I still can do it, much to the surprise of some people.
And I enjoy everything else.

During my university years we used to dance marathons.
I know what winning is.

Most of the time I was excluded because I was a ballet dancer, but I've participated a couple where sportspeople were allowed too, and I've always won.
Just because I feel one with the music and enjoy myself so much.

When I got children I missed my ballet and dance so much, that I started giving balletlessons for grown up women, and then one of my former teachers jumped in, and I had a great time.
When the children were little I was able to go when they were in bed, but when they grew older I had to stop.

I miss it every day.... every day....


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