Tuesday, March 4, 2008


march 4 2008

Had a meeting with the psychiatrist of my second son this morning.

Not all test are done yet but the conclusion is already very clear: PDD-NOS.

So that's official now.

He needs one day of tests to have enough data to refer him to a special school for individual education.

He wants to become a photographer and he hoped that he gets a chance to learn the profession from a photographer himself. He's just not able to sit in a classroom.

Right now he's making a lot of videos. With sound and all.
What others learn at school he has taught himself.

One of the bands which performs regularly here in town has found out about his work and they requested 6 months ago to have their performance taped.
He did and they were so happy with it that he's asked again for next month.

Let's hope he meets someone who wants to teach him everything without the troubles of school.


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