Friday, March 14, 2008

one of those autistic days

march 14 2008

Yesterday was "one of those days" in a family with autistic children.

I needed to bring a wardrobe to my oldest. A friend offered to drive, so I had to depend on her time.

I was gone part of the afternoon, untill the girls came back from school.

It shouldn't have been a problem, but I guess it was too much a change of routine.

My autistic son had such a bad mood, stamping on the stairs that I was afraid it might break, being unkind to his sisters, yelling.

I felt like I was punished for being away to the birthday yesterday (just 1 hour), and for being away this afternoon.

Sometimes it takes more than just one deep breath to take distance, and today was such a day.

I nearly refused to cook, but it would make matters only worse.
So I cooked. Plain, healthy, nothing special.
And for the rest I ignored him, which was kind of difficult.

When he finally showed some signs of feeling guilty we were all fed up with his behaviour.
We know, it's his handicap.

But there are days I'm just too tired to deal with all these problems, and there are days I just want normal children, have fun with them and enjoy life.


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