Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Obama and Clinton, votes, taxmoney and elections

march 4 2008

Seeing how Hillary Clinton wriggles to get attention in the hope that exposure leads to more votes gives me a feeling of pity.

Is this the person who should represent the USA internationally?

Her image has suffered already so much after the 11 gains of Obama that she is near to being called "the poor woman".

Her whole attitude is in line with that of the president that will leave the White House.
He too can't give up on a lost cause.

And this is just what made the USA loose it's dignity in the eyes of the rest of the world.

We don't need someone with plans that are cast in iron, or who needs a comedy show to get in the picture and win votes.
It's like waving a hand above a table and calling: "Hej, hej...I'm still here!".

In countries where the election system is more clear cut, and where one day solves the whole issue of who's going to be the leader or not, people feel these months are dragging on and on. It's like there's no TV and internet and people need to be spoken to in person to decide who they want for president or not.
It's so strange to see that so much money is invested, and that the people who need it most are not even in the news.

It's strange that elections in former areas are used to manipulate elections in other areas.
And that that Hillary Clinton and Obama need to spend their times finding voting souls.

Have they nothing else to do?

One thing is clear from this all.

Hillary Clinton has spent millions after she's lost 11 times.
I hope that if she ever gets in the White House, she's more careful with tax money.


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