Saturday, March 8, 2008

Not again!! About fairytales at schools

march 8 2008

I feel kind of numb.

I was so happy the girls did their national tests well.

We contacted the new school to have a talk about our dyslectic daughter.

When she applied, it was said that we didn't need a declaration of dyslexia.
They would test the children at the beginning of the year.
Give those who needed it some extra support, and test those who needed it in january, when the insurances have to pay. (That's new).

We were very relieved, because one of our sons is dyslectic too and he needs an extension within two months.

After contacting school we only had to wait a day and got one of the coördinators at the phone.

No... a mistake was made, our girl needs a declaration before school starts.

It was like a blow in our face.

A declaration of dyslexia means about 800 to 1000 euros for some tests and a signature. (and we need two!!!)

I wouldn't mind when the money was paid to school and she would benefit from it, but it goes to people who do it beside their normal job. So for them it's an extra on top of their normal earnings.

Ofcourse we want her to start well at that school, but if there's a possibility to have the tests billed in january, we don't have to pay anything.

I felt a little angry and nauseated about it all.

The lasts months I have worked very hard to be able to buy a set of smallpipes (bagpipes). I really need them to keep up with the band.
I'm nearly there.

And now I can throw the money away for a declaration that doesn't cover two years or longer, but covers 4 months.

I hardly buy something for myself... no shoes, dresses, handbags or whatever. I'm not going on vacation, hardly leave the house for something else than school or doctor related visits.
So buying the smallpipes was something I was really looking forward to...

and now this!

I also feel disturbed that again we're given false information.

I'm really sick about this all!!!


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