Monday, March 3, 2008

No auti-class for my autistic son

march 3 2008

All day I have been waiting for a call.

More 3 months ago I had a meeting at a school where they have auti-classes.
I was told a place would be kept free for my autistic son until all the paperwork was done.

Weeks on end I worked hard to get all the official papers together, and I even had to involve the schoolinspection to get matters sorted out.

Last thursday we got a call that we were expected the next day to meet the new teacher and agree on the date he would start.

We were so happy.

When we came there we were told that he wouldn't be admitted because they had a different final exam.
It's not really different.
At the school he attended they had three schoolexams followed by the national exam.
The new school just has the national exam.
Point is that he couldn't subscribe anymore for that exam.

We asked the new school to reconsider.
I myself would take care of the last schoolexam.
The preparation for the national exam could be at the auti-class and he could enter the exams at his old school.

Today I got the call (while cooking dinner).
He won't be admitted.

There are no options for school left for him.

So that's 3 months living with an illusion.

My son refuses to go back to the school where he was bullied so badly, and where he didn't fit in.
He's right.
He doesn't belong there.

Interesting is that I have all the paperwork from that school stating he doesn't belong there.

I have no words for this all.

How can a schoolpricipal tell me he will be admitted... keep us thinking that all those months and then leave it to someone else to tell us the story is over?

And I hate myself for believing and trusting this person.

Will I ever learn???

Thank you all who supported us all those 4 long years at the terrible school.
Thank you all who send us your congratulations after reading thursday's blog.


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