Thursday, March 13, 2008

new 5 dollar bill

march 13 2008

The people in the USA can enjoy a new 5 dollar bill.

A large, purple numeral "5" is featured on the back of the note's lower right.
With 3 other, old fashioned, 5's, people can't make a mistake anymore.

The bill also features 2 new watermarks, which can be seen when the bill is held against the light.

Tourists will love the new bill, because the 5 is clearly seen.

I haven't heard of any braille points or other marks for the blinds.

Do USA bills have those features?

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  1. Our coins are different sizes so they are fairly easy to tell apart. Unfortantely though, paper money essentially is the same to a blind person. They manage-but now that your brought it up it seems extremely unfair to them.


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