Sunday, March 16, 2008

Needing an aunt or uncle in London

march 16 2008

A large bag
far too many T-shirts, socks and other stuff to take with him.

Our ADHD son is getting ready for his trip to London tomorrow.

I'm not too happy with this trip.

Don't understand me wrong.

I've been in London for quite some time in the past and i loved it, and I'm sure he'll enjoy his time a way.

But he's going with school, and I'm not sure all will go well.
He can't leave the bullies behind, and he can't leave the teacher behind who considers ADHD some modern foolishness which can be drilled out by punishments, unkind behaviour and more of the same.
After all, he says, ADHD is just the effect of a bad upbringing.

I'm sure that teacher will feel well in Lodnon, where history is so visible.
I hope it catches his attention enough to refrain from punishing my son or watching him like a hawk, waiting for something he considers wrong.

I've considered giving up my savings to book a last minute trip, but fate got in my way. There are no flights with an empty spot from the nearest airport, and travelling to the others will be far too expensive.

So I looked around for some addresses from people from internet who want to help my son, in case he needs some help.
I've found out that teacher is a lot more moderate in his behaviour towards my son when he knows someone is available to point out what we all know: my son is a great guy, but he's got ADHD and he struggles with his impulses.

I'm not expecting huge problems.
Maybe he'll be late somewhere, or he'll order a meal that's too large.
Or he'll just buys too many presents for us all.
Or he's going to have too much fun, laughing too loud, disturbing the inner rest that teacher so much needs.

In case you live in London, (south east of greater London, Orp.) and you want to be an uncle or aunt for 4 days, so he can call you when he needs to vent or needs someone to stand up for him, please let me know.

I'll hand your telephonenumber to the teacher, telling him my son will call his uncle/aunt, when something is the matter.
And I'm sure that teacher keeps quiet during the trip. LOL!


  1. Hiya. I'm wishing your son the best during his trip :)

  2. My ex (1st bf) was an ADHD in his elementary years...his parents were thinking maybe his class/ teacher bores him, so they let him take an accelerated exam, and he eventually joined higher years...and he got his focus there.

    I wish the best for your son!

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