Saturday, March 8, 2008

march weather

march 8 2008

While large areas in the world are covered in snow, we have to do it with rain.

But not rain alone.

Heavy winds will torture the streets the next days, and their forces are not yet known.

Sometimes I long for the good old days, when even the weather was rather dependable.

In february we had storms, in march lots of drizzle and then spring entered the country slowly and friendly.

Now the first springflowers already have lost their flowers, and the trees and shrubs start to blossom.
The swallows were flying the last three days in huge clouds. Even the blackbirds were afraid of their temper and their loud squeeks while they were looking for a place to sleep.

I stood outside.
Clapping my hands when the hundreds of black flying creatures wanted to push down and sit in the trees behind our garden.

We've given them a place to sleep a few years ago, and everything was a mess.

I don't want that again. No way!

I think the next evenings will be quiet when the winds rage around the house and the birds can't keep their cloudformation.

We'll see.


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