Monday, March 3, 2008

manic monday

march 3 2008

You find that your best friend has stolen money to pay for medical treatment for a seriously ill relative. What would you do?

I don't know.
That's not an easy way out, but I just don't know.

We have insurance here for everyone, so there's no need to steal money.

So when money is stolen it's for treatment which won't be provided by the normal system.

I probably first would want to know the details of the medical problems. Former treatments and such too.
Then I would research the treatment which is wanted.

Maybe...maybe, when the treatment is a cure, and not an extension of life for a week or so, it would make me feel the treatment is really needed.

That would change my feelings towards theft.

Ofcourse I would try to find a way to get it all paid in a legal way and to have the person pay back what's stolen.

What three things you regret not learning to do?

  1. Skiing
  2. ski diving
  3. jewelry making

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    1. Interesting choices for what you regret not learning.
      A few years back I knew a girl who was afraid to get in a plane.
      Her mom talked her into taking a skydiving lesson.
      She became totally addicted to it, and ewould save her money like mad just to be able to dive on weekends.
      Hope all is well.

    2. Interesting this week aren't they?

    3. Is it too late to learn any of those?

      Thanks for visiting my MM.

    4. interesting questions this week, great answers

    5. It's a very interesting answer to #1, Laane. I wish we had such coverage here.

      I have skied, but I cannot say that I've learned how. ;-)

      Thank you for playing and I hope you have a wonderful week.

    6. ski diving? You're braver than I am! I like my feet planted firmly on the ground... less feet to fall. lol

    7. I've also always wanted to skydive. Maybe it's not too late for us.

    8. jewelry making sounds like so much fun!

    9. You can still do those things! It's never too late! :)

      Happy MM and thanks for stopping by!

    10. Hmmnnn. Great answers!
      You must love the air- ski diving is thrilling!

    11. Hello! I'm not sure about skiing and skydiving, but I am interested in the jewelry making. Thanks for visiting my site. I also have another site hosting two memes (Brand New). I would love to have you as a participant. Check it out at Mercedes Rocks:
      I hope that worked. Have a great week.

    12. Thanks for visiting and commenting. You have a nice answer in #1. Have a nice day.

    13. Jewellery making sounds like fun. Ski diving ... no way!

      BTW, I'm currently at the Halifax airport and my flight home has been delayed by almost an hour.

    14. gen, thanks for checking out my MM entry last monday and i'm sorry if i wasn't able to get back to your message right away. anyway, i dnt know how to drive too but i'll ba taking driving lessons before we leave for the US. it's really a necessity there eh. no choice. hehe.


    Thank you for your comment.