Saturday, March 8, 2008

letters from school

march 8

The school of the boys has organised a trip to London.

One of them is going, but my autistic boy is staying at home.

After receiving a letter yesterday about the trip, I was rather irritated.
The tone was like they were adressing a pure criminal, instead of just a kid.
I didn't get the feeling the person who wrote the letter was looking forward to the trip.

Today I got a letter for my autistic boy.

Well, it was adressed to us parents, telling us our son/daughter was not going to London.
He or she had to make a paper of 15 pages about england, bringing it to school at march 27.

He/she is allowed to come to school during the week the others are to London.
He/she has to report to one of the teachers and can help the groups of level 3 to have a great time.

Well, my son is not a he/she.

He's just a he.
And he's one of a very few who stay at home, so the person who was sending this letter could have taken his pen and circled the "he".

And he could have scratched the last sentences.
My son is not attending school for weeks now, and he's certainly not able to assist teachers in handling the noisy crowds of level 3.


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