Sunday, March 9, 2008

international women's day

march 8

It was international women's day.

Here in town a few festivities were planned.
I didn't have the chance to go there, but I would have like a good massage.
My shoulders were killing me!

By the time I was ready with all my work, the whole festive event was over.

Well, the wall in the livingroom I wanted to paint is done.

I'm very happy I took the time and the effort. It looks very new now, and the person who makes a stain on it will encounter a huge problem! be sure of that!

Don't think I did it in a good mood.
Forget it!

Yesterday they all told me I would be pampered, get presents and such.
Well, they didn't lift a finger.

So the paint wasn't carefully smeared at the wall, but was splashed against it and large stokes drove the colours around.
On the floor huge drops landed, faster and faster after another.

We have a vinyl floor.
So with a damp cloth I removed the stains and the floor looked like new again.

Don't tell the family.
I wouldn't allow anyone to create such a mess, just because I know what I'm doing and they don't.

So the wall is done, no applepie was waiting for me and I still have the feeling we women should be the post appreciated species in the world.


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