Saturday, March 15, 2008

infuriating misunderstandings

march 15 2008

I start to fear the letters from the school of my autistic boy.

This time it was written by the schoolleader.
He was informed that my son wasn't attending lessons at the new school (the one with the auti-classes).
He was also informed that my son was able to attend classes there, but that he can't do the final exams there.

I just about went through the roof.

Wasn't that precisely what we requested after we were told there was no place for him? (A place to be and exams at the other school)
And they told us even that arrangement was impossible, because it was too disturbing for the other pupils!!

The schoolleader invited us for a talk to get our son as soon as possible to school. Date: april 2.
I guess that's as soon as possible for him, but it creates a whole new concept of time for us.

He'd also send the letter to the the guy of the council who came here a couple of months ago to intimidate me with court when I didn't send my son to school.

Well, it really got me going.

So I sat down and mailed to the school with the auti-classes that there is some huge misunderstanding.
How come we're told that there is absolutely no way they want him to attend classes and the school is told he's allowed to attend classes, but can't do his final exam?
One of us is informed wrong.

I also asked her to send me a letter stating that there has been a procedure of admittance, which failed and why.

Then I mailed the council representative, telling what's going on, so he or his collegue is informed.
I'm not sure how he'll react.
When they're informed a kid is not at school they'll pay a visit and then fine the parent or get the person to court.

His former visit here resulted in a complaint about his behaviour... one of his female collegues was visited even before my son went to school. I was worrying about his autism already at that time.

I guess the guy will visit again next week, unless I can set things straight between the auti-school and the other school, and one of them or both will report facts and not fiction.

By the time I has those mails finished my blood was cooking.
I'd mailed the educationadvisor the copies, and them a mail between us telling how fed up I am about all these issues.
They take so much energy, and they're all about people not communicating and listening well.

He reacted quite nice and pointed out it's important to find a school for my son until the next schoolyear starts.
Well, that's nice, but there is no school available.

In fact the auti-class was the last chance.

Maybe I have to get more troops in to support us in this matter.
Someone to take with us to the meeting at school.
Someone who knows enough about autism to make clear my son can't deal with school.



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