Friday, March 21, 2008

I hate puberty!!

March 21 2008

We were waiting for a signal that our traveling son would be in the country again.

And it got later and later.

The girls fell asleep. They couldn't wait any longer. They had been so happy he was coming home.

Then finally he phoned that he was 10 minutes from school.
Meaning we couldn't be in time to fetch him.
But his oldest brother went through the terrible weather to help him with his bags.
He took him to his room, gave him dry clothes, food and a drink, and was trying to arrange to get him and his bags home as dry as possible.
Meaning that we all would be waiting at the bussstation with plastic and raingear.

But he didn't come home.

He first went to his girlfriend, without even a call home.

When he arrived home at midnight he was disappointed that everyone but me was asleep.
He'd imagined the homecoming we had prepared him, hours ago.

Problem is that he reacted in such a way that I feel bad his homecoming wasn't more pleasant.

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  1. I wonder if I was like that when I was a teenager?

    Immaturity has a way of getting priorities mixed up....


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