Tuesday, March 18, 2008

heads or tails - 30 - place in a house

march 18 2008


Hosted this time by:Jen of Tidbits of the Tippets

The subject immediately made me think of a poem my grandfather wrote a long long time ago, about the chair near the window, the place his mother used to have some quiet time.

I have two chairs in the house that are considered mine.

One is the chair at the computerdesk.
It's central in the house, I can see what happens in the front- and in the backroom.
And I can hear a lot there of what's going on elsewhere in the house.

When I'm there I'm "at work".
I'm ready to listen to the children, answer calls and mails, etc etc.
It's the commandocentre of the house, the helpdesk and everything else.

My other chair is near the window.
In fact it's the corner of the couch.

That's where I read, watch TV, and when I expect visitors, I'm waiting for them.
I can see from that place who comes to the door.

Our house is small for such a large family.
There isn't a place unused.

But these two places are special to me.

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  1. That must be a very special & lovely corner Laane. :) Thanks for visiting my page.

  2. Two lovely spots in your house.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment....I used to have a chair by the window in a place we lived and I loved to sit there in the mornings. Maybe when we move I can find the same thing...I would love a window seat.
    Happy HorT, mine is up for the week also.

  4. It's good to have a place where you feel comfortable. :)

  5. Great post!! It's funny because now that you wrote that I think of me watching TV on the couch and I always sit in the same spot too. I wonder if most people do that?

    Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great week.

  6. That is such a sweet poem! I love having a place where you can sit and reflect and enjoy life! Great post! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  7. I can almost picture both of those places, and I enjoyed reading.

    Thanks for your comments on my HoT, too!

  8. I have the 2 same places...my desk chair, where I am most of the time, and the corner of the couch.
    I love to cuddle up with my dog and watch a good movie or read my book.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I think of my desk as my command center, too. :)

  10. I've got MY spot in this house too :-) In fact, I actually feel really uncomfortable is someone else sits down in my spot hehe

    "commandocenter" - love that!

  11. The computer desk does command us...

  12. Thanks for sharing something about yourself.

  13. That seems to be the case in my home too. I have 2 places that I normally sit at. The exception is that I don't read at either of them lol. A good post for this weeks meme.

  14. heee
    I have those two places too!
    They seem to get closer and closer together . . . .

  15. I have no chairs. No couch. No bed. But sometimes the cats and dogs let me in a corner of these. They're a good bunch, giving and loving.


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