Friday, March 7, 2008

Google maps banned by the Pentagon

march 7 2008

Google maps has been banned by the Pentagon from the USA military bases.
Some newsreports state that this is the result from a display on internet of the detailed maps of a militairy base in Texas, others say it's because the Google map team was making street level pictures on the base

Ofcourse one wonders why the Google map makers were allowed on the base anyway.
When you don't want to spread information, you don't want people to gather it. As simple as that.

The photos are used for a new groud level service of google. A kind of virtualised real world, which enables people to travel through the streets on their computer.

The service might come in handy.
And it might even be nice to have a look in the neighbourhood where you've been born to see how much things are changed.
But the threat for security not only comes from images of military bases.

There are far more objects which might inspire criminal subjects, so it would have been a signal of care for national security when the Pentagon would have forbidden the service altogether.

With the new car navigation systems people get more and more dependent upon machines.
They might even forget to use their brains.
But maybe that's all what's wanted.


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