Monday, March 3, 2008

Geert Wilders manipulating the world

march 3 2008

Geert Wilders is holding hostage both The Netherlands/Europe and the Muslim World.

He has created the impression that his, soon to be realeased, movie will be a straightforward unrespectful attack on a religion others consider precious.

He has made clear he doesn't care how people feel about this. Not only the last weeks, but also the time before.
His behaviour is outragious and unrespectful.
Not only to the muslimworld, but also to the people in his own country.
Who ever tried to make him aware of what he is doing, the prime minister or the media were literally told to f. off, even by msn.
It's almost unbelievable, but I have seen it myself.

He's one of those people who want to vent their opinion in an obsessive way.
His opinion in itself is an obsession, and where many people in The Netherlands have learned about the muslim religion and their holy book, either from their own reading or from fellow Dutch who are muslims, he is not able to open his mind one minute for the truth.
Most muslim people are just as peaceful as people from other religions are.
It's the extremist minority who wants to force their opinion on others, but it's not only this group Geert Wilders is targetting. His aim is to offend each and every muslim.

He clings to his misconceptions in such a way that it's not only obsessive, it's also almost psychotic.
He lives in a world he himself has created.

In the past he has offended so many people that he needed private protection.
Not all people use the law to silence him, which is a pity.
This way he has become in his own eyes a martyr of modern politics and religion, and he has raised enough pity and sympathy for people who don't understand the principles of free speech, to choose his side.

At all cost he wants to release his movie.

It's the law on freedom of speech which prevents the government from taking action against the release of this movie.
We're not knowing the contents for a fact and we can't prevent people from speaking.
Here in The Netherlands we're not offended very easily, because all inhabitants has got that freedom of speech.... between the boundaries of the law.

With freedom of speech comes the responsibility not to offend others.
Mr. Wilders has made clear that he doesn't care how his fellow dutch people and those abroad feel. He won't take responsibility.
He's spreading his own opinion which is not based on careful study, and he uses the treat of violence from extremistic muslims to manipulate everyone, The Netherlands/Europe and the Muslim World.

Some people think he's an important person in The Netherlands, because he's a member of parliament.
Well, he and his followers might think he's important, but that's only very relative.
He's not a member of the government.
He's just one person between 149 other members of parliament. His party is only represented with 9 people.

I'm worried that so many people can't see him for what he is worth.
When the muslim world would consider him the obsessive nutcase he is, there wouldn't be treats against dutch people.
I can't believe there are people threatening our whole country, just because of one man.
1 million muslims live in peace here.

We all are waiting for the movie to be released (or withdrawn), and we will jump with legal action on each and every discriminatory image and sentence.

No need to punish a whole nation for the stupidity of one.

And certainly not before the movie of 15 minutes is released.


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