Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna by Geert Wilders - part 2

march 28 2008

I've seen the little movie of Geert Wilders, called Fitna.

Well, in fact it presents nothing new than what he has been telling the world all the time, the difference is that he now has visualised the threats and the consequences of attacks.

I felt like watching a German propagandamovie from WW2.
And I heard the music of Grieg, which was used with the post-war movies showing the destruction caused by extensive bombings of cities.

Even though I was aware of his goal: creating fear and suggesting all muslims are ready for violence and destruction, my mind was slowly bend into tunnelvision.
I experienced the fear he wanted to create.

He sure knows how to use the media!!

The movie itself was a quick gruesome sequence of shots of attacks like 911, Madrid and London, and muslim leaders and leaderlike figures screaming oneliners about destruction of non-believers and muslims conquering the world.
Because these people where filmed while making the statements, and not misquoted or talked about, the movie was kept within the boundaries of the law. (Unless they haven't given their permission to broadcast what they were saying.)

We also saw headers of paper-articles, all suggesting that the country will be taken over by muslims.

Ofcourse texts from the Quaran/Koran were cited, and Wilders showed the Danish caricature.

By the time his "list" was finished I asked myself why he kept this movie secret for so long.

Like before he's trying to divide the country, setting people up against each other.
I know there are terrorists and extremists, they are everywhere, and they have been part of the history of almost all nations.
I'm OK by exposing them and warning us.

But making the woman and her husband at the schoolgate into a couple of criminals against the safety of our nation... I'm sorry. I can't and I won't buy that.

I'm afraid young people won't be able to relativate this movie, and it will lead to events none wants.

Like expected Wilders was ready to be interviewed.
He was in a very good mood, being almost fatherly for those questioning him.

Let's say that that part of the movie worries me most.
The part that is not recorded as an integral part of Fitna.
Wilders infecting the minds of people.

Our minister-president/prime-minister has made very clear to the national and international media that the government distances itself from this movie and the opinion of Wilders.

It's not the religion that is responsible for the gruelsome acts, but individuals. Most of their victims are muslims.
Like me, he says that the feelings of many people are hurt by this movie.

For me this movie makes clear that we have a choice.
We can either let one person dictate our feelings and actions, so we will live in fear for something that is blown out of proportions,
or we can choose for a more peaceful way of living.

I'm sure there will be lots of debates the next days.

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  1. As a foreigner here in the netherlands, having lived here for under a year( Ik spreek een beetje nederlands :)) and a student, I have an outsider's perspective, I obviously have my own views about dutch society and for the most part I find it to be incredibly tolerant and quite admirable. (I don't just say that to be flattering to my host country) There are the odd racists - but which country doesn't have them.

    I'm not muslim myself, but often find myself sympathizing with them because I think most of them are just regular old people and just want to get on with their lives and not get into any trouble (especially here in the netherlands ) There are ofcourse extremists and other people who have lost complete sight of what they are doing and it is understandably scary what ensues as a result of this small fraction. Considering this , I find it reassuring to hear such a measured, balanced view as you've expressed.

    I completely agree with all you've said.. And I really hope dutch society isn't frightened into becoming close-minded because of extremists on either side of the fence.


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