Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna by Geert Wilders - part 1

march 27 2008

The movie Fitna, by Geert Wilders has been released.
"Finally", some say, as he announced the movie months ago.
"A day too early", others sigh, because tomorrow a judge will have a close look at the release of the movie.

One way or another the movie has already caused a lot of turmoil before people knew the contents.
This is due to the fact that Geert Wilders has a very outspoken opinion about Muslims, without making a distinction between people who live a modest life, trying to be a good human being, and extremists who are as outspoken as he is, but ofcourse standing at the other end of the continuum.
He even doesn't make a difference between extremists and terrorists, thus creating fear, misunderstandings and intolerance.

Problem is that by making his disrespectful statements he triggers reactions from people with a completely different cultural background.
Just like Wilders doesn't understand the Muslim cultures and views them from his own frame of mind, the other side sees someone without knowing what goes on in our society and culture.

The people in my country have been declared unwanted. We have been declared enemies, and it's said we should be killed.
It is clear this is said without knowledge of the fact that a large part of our country consists of Muslims.

We were told to prevent the release of this movie.
But how?
We have freedom of speech and expression of opinion. The main part of the inhabitants of The Netherlands are able to enjoy this freedom without any disrespect for the opinions and beliefs of others.
Just a small minority can't handle the responsibility that comes with freedom, and Geert Wilders is one of them.

He exhibits his lack of knowledge and respect with the selfishness of those who strife for utter power. The power of those who declare others with a different opinion to be stupid, enemies, just because they can't bring themselves to even minimal understanding of what someone else feels and thinks.

The law of freedom of speech grants open discussion about matters.
Our law also prevents to forbid publication of something when the content isn't known.

We could only imagine what the movie of Wilders would be about...

But ofcourse we had an idea, and ofcourse we hoped he would show respect for other cultures.

A while ago a journalist kept the whole world waiting for his movie: Peter R. de Vries.
Wilders copied him precisely. Keeping the movie to himself and not even enabling the Prime Minister a look.

But we Dutch wouldn't be us when we didn't have our own way of showing Wilders movie was unwanted.
He wasn't able to buy broadcasting time, and he sure wasn't able to use any of the TV channels to publicise his creation.

Oh, he got some offers... "Show us the movie first, and when it's within the boundaries of the law....".
Wilders declined. He wanted noone to cut in his movie.

So finally he put his movie on internet......
Like a you-tube creation.

It's a 15 minute thingy that won't load properly on my fast connection.
So maybe half the world is looking for a reason to act on the threats that have been thrown to my country. To people who don't like Wilders and don't want the movie at all.

To be honest, I'm curious. And I also want to know why people who have never taken the chance to know my country protested on the streets, burned our flag and yelled that we all will be killed.

I'm trying to see something for 30 minutes now.

All I've seen:

a warning for very shocking images.

An image showing the wellknown Danisch caricature and a clock counting backwards.
Then a text from the Quran/Koran.
Images of 911.

I think I have to wait for the rest.

As soon as I'm able to report something, I'll let you know.

Questions can be put in the comment section.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I do love international friends.

    People are not so dumb as to be unable to differentiate between a secular Muslim and those he shows in his movie.

    He shows NOTHING that isn't true, factual and a reason to be watchful.

    It's precisely this, NOT watching and ignoring the issue of the Islamification of the world that has gotten us where we are.

    Take care. Love your tulips, mine just sprouted.

  2. Hey, the contents are very good enough that no discrition has been made between the people. Even I love making friends. Its very good that no misunderstandings have been created.


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