Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fire and insurances

march 4 2008

Two evenings ago one of my sons was going home and saw several fire-engines and policecars heading towards the factories.

He bicycled as fast as he could and found out there was a fire in the factory of one of our acquaintances.
He went home as fast as he could to tell us to phone him and to get his camera.

He was back at the factory just in time to see how the door was forced to allow the firemen entrance. They just went through the most expensive part.

He stayed making photos untill= the fire was under control and then went back to send the photos to our acquaintance and he on his part informed the insurance company.

He was very happy with the photos, because it was seen the entrance was demolished by the police and fire-workers, and not by the fire itself.
His insurance will step in faster and the entrance to the shop will be in good order as soon as possible.

This afternoon he came to pay us a visit and give the children some sweets and chocolate.
He told them how important it is to have good insurance, and he took the time to answer all questions.
One of my sons is in his final years and he is sure he will get some questions about insurances. He got his book and they both read through the chapter about insurances, bringing it to life by this interesting experience.

It's a pity he doesn't have place for vacationworkers, otherwise he would have some very hard working kids in his factory this summer.

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  1. It is a good practice for the future practical life i guess. The total experience must help for the future.


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